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about styler

Born in Jersey. Moved to Chi-town, then Toronto, then NY, and back across the water to Jersey before crossing the border back to Toronto. This time, he stayed long enough to obtain dual citizenship (cool, eh?). Then back to Jersey. Again. Then off to L.A., where he graduated cum laude from the Art Center College of Design. Upon graduating, he landed a job in Dallas, where he resides today.


He is a man of many hats [although a cowboy hat is not one of them]. He’s still that guy from Jersey. He misses real pizza and occasionally makes his own. And he believes the yellow light means speed up. 

In 2020, he created Brands Gone Bad, a parody channel on Instagram. Warning: Don’t click if you're not a fan of dark humor. Seriously.


“He’s a great kid.”

– Mom

“Of course he’s great, he takes after me.”

– Dad

Additional references available upon request. But he’ll only share the good ones, so really, what’s the point? The best way to find out if he’s a good fit for your project is to talk to him. He’s a good listener and loves to collaborate.

work stuff

He has worked as a designer, art director, and copywriter, and recently penned his first screenplay. Hollywood, here he comes. He's getting ready to launch his own agency and sees that happening in 2024. He is available for freelance work, partnerships, and collaborations.


He’s worked on all kinds of projects. If it has to do with advertising or design, he’s probably done it. He’s won some pretty fancy awards, had a commercial in the Super Bowl, feels mildly uncomfortable talking about his accolades, and even more uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.

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